2023 The 22th Shanghai International Gifts and Household Products Exhibition

Value proposition: lock in the East China gift market and build a high-quality business platform
Organizer: Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

[Review of previous sessions]
CGHE 2023 Shanghai Gift Fair (Spring and Summer Exhibition) ended successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 22. The fair fully covered the entire gift industry chain model, gathered industry boutiques, and met the purchasing needs of merchants under the new consumption concept. People in the downstream industry bring business opportunities and excellent exhibiting and visiting experiences. Various forum activities will be held at the same time, such as online selection, live e-commerce sharing, trend release, live delivery and other activities are invited to help companies expand more channels. CGHE 2023 will provide a wonderful event for the gifts and home furnishing industry!
A total of 30,000 square meters were exhibited at the last exhibition, with 850 exhibitors, attracting 20,168 professional visitors from all over the country to visit.

Previous cooperation brands
 Shangjiukai, Philips, Lepu Medical, Beifa Group, Hengyuanxiang, Saint Laurent, Qiantong, Huoke, Wohol, Xiangzhongxin, Jiaye, Sapu, Langbowang, Yadan, Hongsheng, Bangzhe , Haoli, Li Qi, Lvdi, Huahao, Huichu, Zhenhe, Wochuan, Hengsheng Zhaoye, Jiucheng Industry, Hongshi, Tanghe, Yukuan, Han Xinxiu, Mori, Lianqing, Xinjin, Lan Platinum, Ascendas, Aiward, Shuoxiang, Lezhibao, Wanlida, Gongzheng Group, Chensen, Guangbaisi, Rongsenmao, Lianbo Stationery, Fanqin, Shanchuang, Dingchun Paper, Yike , Arowana, Yangcheng Lake, Aoteron, Mo Lin, Qiushan, Xiaoyi, Kangji, Thunder Eel, Hezheng, Wanyan, Jinjiu, Aromatherapy Age, Liding, Baidi, Chengxiang, Vanjini, Xinhua, Hanlv , Shengshen, Rose Paper, Bedding Weifang, Jiabo, Mind, Chaojin, Tianhao, Shijin, Chunchen, Jiatai, Qihui, Xiongao, Double Monkey, Dandelion, Lude, Edfu, Ai Feng, Yueyou, Pengchen, Jiaerwo, Time Relaxation, Medical Interest, Aoji, Esoteric, Gangteng, Black Horse, Volju, Xinterli, Pinyin...

Some quality buyers
Alibaba, Xiaomi Youpin, Disney, Netease Youpin, Walmart, Carrefour, Gome, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart, Hualian, Liqun Commercial, New World Department Store, Agro-industrial Supermarket, Jiajiale, Lixiangjia, Supermarket, Wanda Department Store, B&Q, Aeon, Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, Tmall, JD, MINISO, Jingxi, NetEase Yanxuan, Xiaohongshu, Vipshop, Liba Mall, Ping An, Momo Bird International, Bao Yugang School, Yunji, Shanghai Gifts, Huge Engine, Volkswagen, Kuaishou, E-learning Education, Shenhuoguan, Bairong Market, Bozhong Selection, Original Life, Global Frog, Shanghai Telecom, Jinjiang Tourism , Agricultural Bank of China Tuyue International, G&L, Japan-China Economic Association, Dakaku Temple, SAIC Group, Tokyo Marutou, Yaya Home Furnishing Museum, SAIC Volkswagen Meikemeijia, Youzan, Mengchuang International, Emgis, Dangdang Net, Melaleuca, Bank of Shanghai, Baihe Youhuo, Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank, Courtesy Youpin, Aishe Department Store, Qianshi, COFCO Youpin...
【Booth Fees】
Area A standard booth RMB 12,800 per unit (9 square meters)
Zone B standard booth RMB 10,800 per unit (9 square meters)
Remarks: Double opening booths will be charged 1,000 yuan/piece
Indoor bare space:
RMB 1100 per square meter for Zone A
Area B RMB 1,000 per square meter
When building a raw space booth, another construction site management fee must be paid to the construction management office of the exhibition hall.
【Exhibition Scope】
■ Brand service provider, comprehensive exhibition area
■ Household products exhibition area
Various household items such as home textiles, towels, storage supplies, plastic products, cleaning supplies, tableware, kitchenware, decorations, etc.
■ Welfare and gift exhibition area
All kinds of welfare food and redeemable gift card products, etc.
■ Internet celebrity selection exhibition area
All kinds of creative gifts, daily necessities, household items, IP trendy toys, live broadcast facilities and products that can be delivered through the live broadcast of Internet celebrities.
■ Business gifts, promotional items exhibition area
Gifts, promotional advertising, customized promotional items, stationery and stationery, festival supplies, advertising printed matter, luggage, leather goods, clocks and watches, ceramics, crystal and glass products, jewelry and fashion accessories, hang tags/badges, etc.
■ Gift Packaging Exhibition Area
Shopping bags, packaging bags, non-woven bags, gift packaging, packaging products, etc.
■ Digital Electronics Exhibition Area
All kinds of wearable smart devices, small household appliances and kitchen appliances, healthcare electronics, personal care appliances, automotive electronics, digital accessories, etc.
■ Guochao Cultural and Creative Exhibition Area
Various stationery/cultural tourism/museum cultural and creative IP brands and their derivatives, handmade creativity, fashion art and creative ceramic products, cultural and creative design agencies, etc.
【Concurrent Activities】
Award Ceremony for Quality Exhibitors of the 20th Huali Exhibition
Fashion home trend release
2021 Fashion Home Living Products Design Trend Development Forum
2021 Gift Industry Annual Trend New Product Launch Conference
2021 e-commerce live broadcast and short video summit forum
2021 Live E-commerce Ecological Industry Report Released
(Note: The above activities are planned, subject to on-site announcements)

【Buyer Group】
* Agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers (mainly in East China)
* Department stores, supermarkets, counters, boutiques, franchise stores
* Online shopping malls, network distributors
* Major gift companies across the country
* Product designers, high-end consumers
* Buyers of major star-rated hotels, villas and other high-end properties and real estate agents, etc.
* Shanghai's major private clubs, high-end clubs, personalized restaurants, personalized stores, etc.
* Embassy and consulate staff, domestic and foreign collectors
* Domestic local tourism bureaus and purchasers of scenic spots
* Units, banks, insurance, securities, decoration companies, multinational companies, group companies, hospitals, automobile 4S shops, etc.
[Promotion method]
Direct mail inviting buyers-a total of more than 200,000 buyer invitations and exhibition information will be sent to tens of thousands of professional visitors through direct mail, followed by professional call center staff One-to-one notification, invitation and reminding every professional audience to come to the exhibition.
Buyers are invited by phone-86 customer service specialists in the call center will invite buyers to visit the site around the clock in the first two months.
E-mail release of the exhibition news-200,000 exhibition news e-mails will be sent to the target audience in the database in stages.
SMS invites and reminds buyers to be there-covering 200,000 pieces of industry data + 300,000 pieces of terminal customer data in the database.
Powerful publicity offensive-through 7 major publicity channels including subway, TV, Internet, print, radio, outdoor advertising, commercial office building elevator advertising. Shanghai TV station and more than 100 industry media, newspapers, magazines and other extensive publicity of the exhibition have formed a media publicity network radiating from Shanghai to the whole country.
Professional media-use Sina, Tencent, Baidu and other websites to cover the information circle, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Toutiao, Tencent, Sohu News, Sina News and other APPs fully cooperate with live broadcasts, professional and accurate calls, SMS, email invitations, outdoor , Metro media is fully covered, creating a three-dimensional exhibition for the exhibition, so that the exhibition information is unimpeded.
Official website promotion-on the basis of promoting the exhibition, we will strive to promote the official website of the conference, enrich the information content of the website, and provide timely industry information, exhibitor dynamics, and network links to participating exhibitors. At the same time, Baidu optimizes the search engine and keyword settings, so that visitors can search for "Shanghai Gift Show" exhibition related information, and pre-register visit information on the official website.
WeChat publicity and promotion ---- update the WeChat official account information in time, release the latest exhibitor exhibits and company profiles, enrich the information content of the official account, provide industry information, exhibitor news, participate in exhibitor new product recommendations, and organize WeChat visit pre-registration marketing activities.
Precise promotion of the online buyer invitation system-Expends the development of an online buyer invitation system, launches the early exhibition of exhibitors' products, attracts interested buyers online pre-registration, and expands the warm-up effect of the exhibition.
Offline promotion of the same type of exhibition-Send multiple offline promotion teams to the same type of exhibitions held in major cities across the country to carry out offline promotion and attract the attention of professional buyers by raising signs, distributing single pages, and promotional items. Gather popularity for its own exhibition.
Precise marketing of online WeChat communities and gift groups—precisely target the popular WeChat communities, WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc. in the industry, and continuously release exhibition information to attract the attention of the audience.

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